Dorian Audio Technologies
Dorian Audio Technologies
Dorian Audio Technologies was officially formed in the mid of 2020, but has its origins in the early 2000s. Back then, we were always searching for better ways to express our creativity through music, and the feeling that we did not have all the tools we needed was always present. We started looking into making our own equipment, and we ended up implementing a few different effect pedals, including a prototype where we used a sardine can as an enclosure. Our mindset, resources and experience have evolved significantly over the years, and today we are able to transform our ideas into equipment that fulfill our musical needs. Our team has a very diversified background with focus in both science and art, and our portfolio is a reflection of resources coming from both worlds. We use art to shape our engineering designs, and we have as a result finesse and high-tech combined into products.

At Dorian Audio Technologies, having the freedom to create is what really matters to us. Regardless of style, music is what unites us, and we use artistic expression as the vehicle to shape our ideas. Our products are designed using cutting edge technology, with internal parts carefully selected to deliver the best quality you can find. We create our products with the intention of enjoying the results and to help us and other musicians develop their musical identity.

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and we have members spread out in north and south America. We combine the high-tech environment of California with a South American groove to build products rich in personality. We carefully handcraft our prototypes and we try them all out ourselves and reiterate designs until it feels right. Having the right combination of sounds, colors and textures makes every product we build unique, and tailored to artists that strive for quality.

We design and manufacture audio equipment and the technology that enables the artists to really express themselves. We focus on quality and simplicity, and we deliver a product with a soul. Each detail is carefully crafted with the same passion and dedication we have for the music we play. Our products are molding the future, but we always look back to what is in the past. After all, stories are eternal, and we want to help create yours.
We have several years of experience in different market sectors. Please reach out to for more information.

Dorian Audio Technologies
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